About DUCTZ of Gilbert

The DUCTZ system of service prides itself on equipping families with enhanced indoor air quality throughout the nation. Duct Cleaning and Coil Cleaning allows your HVAC unit to work as they were primarily sized and meant to when they were first set up. Ductwork that has attracted grime and particles and coils which are really corroded will not condition your house as they were made to do; air flows more effectively and efficiently over a clean surface. Our product and services not only scale down asthma and allergy producers, but our HVAC Renovation services enable your home's HVAC unit to function at ideal efficiency.

DUCTZ of Gilbert also offers Bathroom Exhaust Fan Cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning. Dryer Vent Cleaning is suggested yearly and most dryer designers expect an annual skilled dryer vent cleaning just to preserve the dryer's manufacturer warranty. Despite the fact that you clear the lint trap each and every time, some lint escapes that trap and accumulates in the dryer vent (or exhaust). A blocked dryer vent means that your dryer is laboring harder and longer and might present a fire hazard if it becomes too hot. In addition to your family's well-being, a clean dryer vent saves time and money by lowering drying cycles and excess wear on your clothes and dryer.

Our Process

As a brief outline, our air duct cleaning procedure involves any number of 127 incomparable and particular projects. It takes a variety of instruments, machinery, and products. In addition, it includes our specialized branded method, which requires the treatment of a metallic barrier in the air handler, eradicating fiberglass shedding and stopping the fiberglass from simulating an absorbent sponge, which gathers dirt and moisture and forms a breeding ground for mold, microbes, and other contamination.